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Handling and Cutting Instructions

Cake Handling

Cake Care Instructions:

Please keep the cake refrigerated in order to stay stable and fresh. For cakes 30 servings or less, remove from the fridge ~1hr before serving. For cakes 30-50 servings, remove from fridge ~1.5hrs before serving. For cakes 50 servings or more, remove from the fridge ~3 hrs before serving. Never leave a cake unrefrigerated for long periods of time. Please do not set the cake next to any sources of heat like a stove or in direct sunlight. Never leave the cake outdoors in warm conditions. We are not responsible for any damage to the cake after pick up, delivery or set up. You are responsible for providing a sturdy and secure table and environment for the cake.

Doweling and Decoration:

Important: Do not attempt smashing the cake with hands or face. Some cakes will contain supporting dowels hidden inside that can hurt and cause permanent damage to hands, eyes, and face. Some cakes can contain decorations that may be dangerous to a person if mishandled. Please be aware of this and remove any decorations that you consider a hazard to kids or adults before serving. Decorations are made for beautifying the cake, not providing flavor. Although some are made from edible materials, please take caution if trying to eat them. Some figurines, spheres, and flowers are made from food safe but NON-EDIBLE materials. Unless discussed in advance that they are edible, consider them not suitable for consumption (decoration only).


Depending on the cake flavors you are choosing, our products may contain eggs, peanuts, milk, wheat (gluten), nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests that will consume the cake about allergens. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions after consuming the cake or caused by being in contact with the cake. We transparently advise that we make our gluten free products in the same kitchen as our wheat flour cakes.

Cake Pickup and Delivery


Cakes are built to withstand transportation and movement. During pickup, the cake will be securely packed inside the box. Recommendation on where to place the box in the car will be given (cake should not be placed on someone's lap or on the seat), however we do not take responsibility after the order is given to the customer in case of damage.


Please note that if you are using Uber Parcel delivery, it is curbside delivery only. The driver will not take the cake up to your door so you must expect the driver and be ready to pick it up from their car. The driver cannot wait for a long time so please be quick and mindful about its expected arrival. As soon as your order is on its way, you will receive a link of the driver’s trip and will be able to track the progress of your delivery and its expected arrival time.

Late Pickup:

We are a home based bakery and do not have a storefront. Address is HORIZON LANE SAN JOSE. 30 min pickup window is given and agreed to. Please be mindful of it. Extra $10 is charged every 15 minutes late past agreed pickup time.

Cake Cutting Instructions

Multi-tiered cakes have a central rod which goes through the total height of the cake. Every tier except the top one has dowels which are necessary to support the height and structure of the cake. Separate the tiers before cutting by using a spatula or a wide knife and lifting the cake straight up off the central rod. Then cut each tier individually according to the image provided. The dowels are food safe and our suggestion is to leave it in the cake slices which can be removed later by the individual.

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