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Treat Yourself with Natasha’s Treats

About Me

Hello! I'm Natasha and I would like to introduce you to my delicious and beautiful creations for your special days.


Raised in Ukraine, I grew up loving the delectable European cakes my mother would bake from scratch. This experience cultivated my love for sweets and baking, and taught me to appreciate desserts that offer both exceptional flavor and just the right amount of sweetness.


Eleven years ago, following the birth of my third daughter, I made the decision to start a new page of my career -- I said goodbye to my 10-year job as a dental hygienist and founded Natasha's Treats.

Several years ago, my children were diagnosed with multiple food sensitivities that made them unable to enjoy many desserts, making me realize that others were in the same situation. This inspired me to take my business to the next level and master the art of crafting incredible desserts that are free from dairy, eggs, nuts, and wheat. Whether it's for health reasons or to help protect the planet and animals, we're proud to offer vegan flavors that everyone can enjoy!


When I'm not baking or decorating, you can find me spending quality time with my husband and three daughters, watching movies, traveling, or exploring the scenic hiking trails of the Bay Area.

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Anna became a valued member of our team a year ago after moving to the Bay Area as a refugee following the outbreak of war in Ukraine. With her extensive experience in baking and dessert making, she previously sourced cakes, cupcakes, and macarons for various restaurants and coffee shops in her hometown of Chernigiv, Ukraine. Outside of work, Anna is passionate about the three C's: coffee, cars, and cats.


Sanaa is my middle daughter, skiing partner, vegan buddy, and creative consultant here at Natasha's Treats, who also dons the accountant/IT hat. When she's not busy drawing or engaging in sisterly debates, Sanaa loves nothing more than spending time with her beloved cats.

Treat Yourself with Natasha’s Treats
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